7 Reasons why you should try one of our Group Fitness Classes

  1. They are part of your membership price, so they don’t cost you anything at all!
  2. Great way meet new people and make some gym buddies!
  3. When you’re not feeling very motivated, the class atmosphere and encouraging instructor can give you that extra boost to help you get through the workout!
  4. The different classes are a great way to enhance your fitness vocabulary and teach you some new training techniques!
  5. Whether you’re wanting to dance up a storm in Zumba, rejuvenate yourself in Yoga, work up a sweat in Cardio Blast or smash those muscles in Tabata and Pilates there is a class to suite everyone!
  6. Class environments make workouts fun!
  7. If you feel like you are plateauing with your training regime, adding in a class or two will help to mix things up and shock your body out of its comfortable training state.

We have the best of the best instructors dedicated to providing you with the best class experience possible